User:Samuel Medic
Position:Trooper A/1/A/1-7
Secondaries:S5 - Graphics

Service Record

Record Date Record Details Record Citation
2020-12-05Assigned S5 Graphics as Additional DutyNone
2020-11-04Returned from Retirement, Reduction in Rank to Corporal (E-4), Assigned A/1/A/1-7None
2020-05-09Retired from the 7th Cavalry RegimentNone
2020-04-06Transferred and Assigned ReservistNone
2020-04-04Assigned to S1 Operations Lead as Additional DutyNone
2020-03-25Assigned to S1 Uniforms as Additional DutyNone
2020-03-23Relieved of Duties from the S3 Department, Per RequestNone
2020-03-10Completed 49th Combat Mission (Campaign Let Loose Tuesdays MAR20. Operation Trenched N Tuesdays)None
2020-03-09Assigned to S2 Department, Full Status Investigator as Additional DutyNone
2020-03-07Completed 48th Combat Mission (Campaign Serpent Chaos. Operation [1-505th]{2ndINF} Black Dawn)None
2020-03-07Assigned to S1 Operational Clerk as Additional DutyNone
2020-02-29Completed 47th Combat Mission (Campaign Serpent Chaos. Operation {2ndINF} Scrim 29FEB20)None
2020-02-24Completed 46th Combat Mission (Operation FTX Carentan)None
2020-02-21Assigned S3 Hell Let Loose School of Infantry, Instructor as Additional DutyNone
2020-02-19Completed 45th Combat Mission (Operation Road to Carentan)None
2020-01-30Assigned to S5 Graphics Department as Additional DutyNone
2020-01-19Completed 44th Combat Mission (Operation {2ndINF} Scrim 19JAN20)None
2020-01-19Completed 43rd Combat Mission (Campaign Fortress Europa, Operation Overlord)None
2020-01-12Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant (O-1), Transferred and Assigned Platoon Leader 2/C/2-7Citation
2019-12-20Transferred and Assigned Infantry C/1/C/2-7None
2019-12-18Relieved of Duties from the S5 Department, Per RequestNone
2019-12-17Relieved of Duties from the S1 Department, Per RequestNone
2019-12-15Relieved of Duties from the S2 Department, Per RequestNone
2019-10-30Assigned to S1 Uniforms as Additional DutyNone
2019-10-26Transferred and Assigned ReservistNone
2019-10-12Graduated ARMA3 Door Gunner CourseNone
2019-10-06Completed 42nd Combat Mission (Operation Acid Gambit)None
2019-09-07Graduated ARMA3 Aviation Basic Rotary Flight CourseNone
2019-09-05Assigned to S1 Operational Clerk as Additional DutyNone
2019-08-04Completed 41st Combat Mission (Operation Yellowstone Redux)None
2019-08-04Graduated ARMA3 Aviation Ground SchoolNone
2019-07-30Transferred and Assigned Multi-Role Rotary Trainee A/1/A/1-7None
2019-07-23Relieved of Duties from the Recruit Training Command Department, Per RequestNone
2019-07-14Completed 40th Combat Mission (Operation Ruthless Bocage)None
2019-07-10Completed 39th Combat Mission (Campaign July Warfare Wednesdays, Operation Warfare Wednesday 4)None
2019-07-09Completed 38th Combat Mission (Operation Green Mamba)None
2019-07-07Assigned to the Recruit Training Command, Drill Instructor (In Training) as Additional DutyNone
2019-07-07Transferred and Assigned Trooper B/1/C/2-7None
2019-07-05Transferred and Assigned Trooper C/1/C/2-7None
2019-07-02Completed 37th Combat Mission (Operation Green Harvest)None
2019-06-29Completed 36th Combat Mission (Operation Bitter Wind)None
2019-06-23Completed 35th Combat Mission (Operation Hell Hounds)None
2019-06-21Completed 34th Combat Mission (Campaign 22 Kilometers, Operation White Stars)None
2019-06-09Transferred and Assigned Starter Platoon Member B/1/SP/1-7None
2019-05-03Transferred and Assigned ReservistNone
2019-04-13Completed 33rd Combat Mission (Campaign Shattered Hourglass, Operation Standoff)None
2019-04-06Completed 32nd Combat Mission (Campaign United Hope, Operation Resolute Liberty)None
2019-03-30Completed 31st Combat Mission (Operation Broken Camouflage)None
2019-03-24Graduated ARMA3 Basic Leader Course, Class 012/03/19None
2019-03-23Completed 30th Combat Mission (Campaign Serpent's Wrath, Operation Episode 3)None
2019-03-16Attended the Server Administration Course, Class 011/03/19None
2019-03-15Relieved of Duties from the S1 Department, Per RequestNone
2019-02-24Completed 29th Combat Mission (Campaign Swamp Drop, Operation Phase 3), Completed 2nd Combat JumpNone
2019-02-21Rank adjusted to Corporal (E-4) in accordance with revised re-enlistment SOP with date of rank 07 FEB 19None
2019-02-13Graduated ARMA3 Basic Land Navigation Course, Class 007/02/19None
2019-02-07Assigned to S1 Milpacs Department as Additional DutyNone
2019-02-06Completed S2 Department Training, Assigned Full S2 Investigator StatusNone
2019-01-30Assigned to S2 Department (In Training) as Additional DutyNone
2019-01-21Graduated ARMA3 Basic Individual Training Course, Class 04/01/19None
2019-01-12Completed 28th Combat Mission (Operation Bloody Orchard)None
2019-01-05Promoted to Specialist (E-4)Citation
2018-12-29Completed 27th Combat Mission (Campaign Jump to Leskovets Marathon, Operation Jump to Leskovets - Phase II)None
2018-12-28Completed 26th Combat Mission (Campaign Jump to Leskovets Marathon, Operation Jump to Leskovets - Phase I), Completed 1st Combat JumpNone
2018-12-14Transferred and Assigned Airborne Infantryman B/1/C/1-7None
2018-11-24Assigned to S5 Graphics Department as Additional DutyNone
2018-11-24Relieved of Duties from the S1 Department, Signature Shop ClosedNone
2018-11-18Completed 25th Combat Mission (Operation Cold Steel)None
2018-11-10Assigned to S1 Signature Shop as Additional DutyNone
2018-11-10Completed 24th Combat Mission (Operation Redemption)None
2018-11-06Promoted to Private First Class (E-3)Citation
2018-10-07Reinstated, Reduction in Rank to Private (E-2), Transferred and Assigned Trooper B/1/B/1-7None
2012-11-14Honorable Discharge and is Retired with Full Wall of Honor Entitlement and is Not Eligible for ReenlistmentNone
2012-11-10Promoted to Staff Sergeant (E-6)Citation
2012-10-31Graduated NCOA Warrior Leadership Course Class 10*10-12Citation
2012-10-09Completed 23rd Combat Mission (Operation Devil Dog)None
2012-10-02Assigned to S5 Radio Station (Station Manager) as Additional DutyNone
2012-09-30Assigned S1 NCOICNone
2012-09-25Requested and Been Granted a Name Change From Kevin Marvets to his Previous Name of Samuel MedicNone
2012-09-16Completed 22nd Combat Mission (Operation Tyburn Orbit)None
2012-09-11Assigned Platoon Sergeant 2/B/1-7None
2012-08-24Completed 21th Combat Mission (Operation Silent Strike)None
2012-08-06Assigned to S1 Signature Shop as Additional DutyNone
2012-08-05Transferred and Assigned Section Leader A/2/B/1-7None
2012-08-05Assigned to S1 MILPACS Department as Additional Duty -- S1 Milpacs Dept.None
2012-08-04Completed 20th Combat Mission (Operation A new Clip Part Deux)None
2012-07-29Transferred and Assigned Section Leader/ Tank Commander C/2/B/1-7None
2012-07-28Returned from ELOA, Assigned Armor Crewman C/2/B/1-7, Completed 19th Combat Mission (Campaign Barrani, Operation Skorpion)None
2012-06-22Placed On ELOANone
2012-06-08Completed 18th Combat Mission (Operation Sneak Peak)None
2012-05-17Re-enlisted, Volunteer Rank Reduction to Sergeant (E-5). Assigned Trooper B/2/C/2-7None
2011-11-21Requested and Granted Honorable Discharge.None
2011-10-27Re-en-stated, Received Voluntary Demotion to MAJ (O-4), Assigned OIC S1 MILPACSNone
2011-05-25Transferred and Assigned Commander of 2-7None
2011-04-21Returned from Retirement, Assigned to S2 Department, Assigned OIC S1 Signature Shop as Additional DutyNone
2011-04-06Honorable Discharge and is Retired with Full Wall of Honor Entitlement, He is Eligible for Reenlistment with CO or XO approvalNone
2011-03-25Completed 17th Combat Mission (Operation Thunderstruck)None
2011-03-24Returned from ELOA, Re-instated as Executive Officer S1 DepartmentNone
2011-03-13Placed on ELOANone
2011-02-20Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel (O-5)None
2011-02-11Completed 16th Combat Mission (Operation HailMary)None
2011-01-16Completed 15th Combat Mission (Operation Acid Gambit)None
2011-01-05Assigned S1 Executive Officer as Additional DutyNone
2011-01-02Promoted to Major (O-4) , Assigned Battalion Commander 2-7None
2010-12-08Relieved of Duties as Company Commander B/1-7, Per RequestNone
2010-10-30Assigned OIC of the S1 Milpacs DepartmentNone
2010-10-22Promoted to Captain (O-3) , Assigned Commander B/1-7None
2010-09-27Dropped from SRT Course, Scheduling ConflictsNone
2010-09-26Accepted in SRT CourseNone
2010-09-11Completed 14th Combat Mission (Operation Torch)None
2010-09-05Transferred and Assigned Executive Officer B/1-7None
2010-08-24Returned from ELOA, assigned Executive Officer C/2-7None
2010-08-16Placed on ELOA.None
2010-07-31Relieved of Duties from the MP Department, Per GOANone
2010-07-18Completed 13th Combat Mission (TCC League / RT)None
2010-07-07Completed 12th Combat Mission (TCC League / NS)None
2010-06-27Completed 11th Combat Mission (TCC League / 82AB)None
2010-06-20Completed 10th Combat Mission (TCC League / BC)None
2010-06-03Graduated the Drill Instructor Course, Assigned Drill InstructorNone
2010-06-02Participated in War Order #13 vs the F2F Clan that resulted in a smashing victoryNone
2010-05-17Selected as MP (In Training)None
2010-05-10Graduated Ranger Class 004-009None
2010-04-19Returned from ELOA, Transferred and Assigned Platoon Leader 1/C/2-7None
2010-04-17Placed on ELOANone
2010-04-12Transferred and Assigned Platoon Leader 1/C/2-7None
2010-04-02Assigned to the Recruit Training Command, Drill Instructor (In Training) as Additional DutyNone
2010-04-02Completed 9th Combat Mission (Operation Havoc Rain)None
2010-03-24Promoted to First Lieutenant (O-2) , Assigned Commander 3/C/1-7None
2010-03-14Named Officer of the Month for February 2010None
2010-02-26Completed 8th Combat Mission (Operation Just Tango Reforger)None
2010-02-21Transferred and Assigned Platoon Leader 1/C/1-7None
2010-02-12Graduated ARMA2 Advanced Individual Training Course, Phase INone
2010-01-27Earned Special Flight Permission to be utilized in time of combat for Support Aircraft. The actual training conducted for this individual are classified (TOP SECRET).None
2010-01-25Relieved of Duties from the Recruiting Department, Per RequestNone
2010-01-25Participated in War Order #12 vs the -=EG Clan that resulted in a smashing victoryNone
2010-01-16Received Battlefield Commission to 2nd Lieutenant (0-1) , Assigned Platoon Leader 3/C/1-7None
2009-12-19Relieved of Duties from the Recruit Training Command Department, Per RequestNone
2009-12-16Promoted to First Sergeant (E-8)Citation
2009-12-07Assigned to the Recruiting Department as Additional DutyNone
2009-12-05Completed 7th Combat Mission (Operation Anvil)None
2009-11-23Assigned to S1 Avatar Shop as Additional DutyNone
2009-11-20Completed 6th Combat Mission (Operation Serpent Head)None
2009-11-14Promoted to Staff Sergeant (E-6) , Assigned Acting First Sergeant C/1-7Citation
2009-10-30Completed 5th Combat Mission (Operation Steel Nest)None
2009-10-25Transferred and Assigned Platoon Sergeant 3/C/1-7None
2009-10-10Completed 4th Combat Mission (Operation Just Visiting)None
2009-10-04Promoted to Sergeant (E-5) , Assigned Platoon Sergeant 1/B/1-7None
2009-09-26Completed 3rd Combat Mission (Operation Swift Strike)None
2009-09-20Graduated ARMA2 Basic Armor Crewman Course, Class 09-09-01None
2009-09-16Transferred and Assigned Corpsman C/1/B/1-7None
2009-09-12Completed 2nd Combat Mission (Operation Lights Out)None
2009-09-06Promoted to Specialist (E-4)Citation
2009-08-14Completed 1st Combat Mission (Clash of Titans)None
2009-08-10Participated in multiple combat actions against 101st AB clan that resulted in a smashing victory.None
2009-07-28Completed Combat Action (101AB)None
2009-07-24Assigned to S1 as Additional DutyNone
2009-06-27Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private First Class (E-3) , Named Honor Graduate, Assigned Trooper B/1/C/2-7None
2009-06-20Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Assigned Boot Camp 026/06/2009None

Awards Earned

Award Date Award Name Award Details Award Citation
2003-03-18Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2004-09-01Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2009-06-26WWII Service RibbonCitation
2009-06-26Honor Graduate RibbonCitation
2009-06-27Army Service RibbonNone
2009-07-19Donation Ribbon1st AwardCitation
2009-07-28Expert Infantry BadgeCitation
2009-08-02Bronze StarNone
2009-08-02Army Superior Unit CitationNone
2009-08-05Donation Ribbon2nd AwardCitation
2009-08-10Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2009-08-10Combat Infantry BadgeCitation
2009-08-10Army Commendation Medal with Valor DeviceNone
2009-09-01Donation Ribbon3rd AwardCitation
2009-09-12Expert Field Medical BadgeNone
2009-10-02Donation Ribbon4th AwardCitation
2009-10-04NCO Professional Development RibbonSergeant PromotionNone
2009-10-10Meritorious Service MedalNone
2009-10-10Army Meritorious Unit CitationNone
2009-10-30Combat Infantry Badge 2nd AwardCitation
2009-11-13NCO Professional Development RibbonStaff Sergeant PromotionCitation
2009-11-20Army Parachutist BadgeNone
2009-11-20High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) Freefall BadgeNone
2009-12-15NCO Professional Development RibbonFirst Sergeant PromotionCitation
2010-01-09Recruiting Ribbon1st AwardCitation
2010-01-12Army Achievement MedalNone
2010-01-19Silver StarCitation
2010-01-19Donation Ribbon5th AwardCitation
2010-01-20Armed Forces Service MedalNone
2010-01-22Combat Field Medical BadgeNone
2010-01-23Recruiting Ribbon2nd AwardNone
2010-01-24Donation Ribbon7th AwardCitation
2010-01-24Donation Ribbon6th AwardCitation
2010-01-31Recruiting Ribbon3rd AwardNone
2010-03-09Army Distinguished Service MedalCitation
2010-03-14Army Distinguished Service MedalFor S1 DepartmentCitation
2010-04-17Army Commendation MedalNone
2010-05-10Ranger TabNone
2010-05-19Rifle ExpertCitation
2010-05-19Grenade ExpertCitation
2010-05-23Armed Forces Service MedalNone
2010-06-20Meritorious Service MedalNone
2010-06-20Combat Infantry Badge 3rd AwardCitation
2010-06-21Recruiting Ribbon4th AwardNone
2010-06-29Army Good Conduct MedalCitation
2010-07-13Legion of MeritNone
2010-07-15Army Superior Unit CitationCitation
2010-07-16Army Commendation Medal with Valor DeviceNone
2010-07-20Armed Forces Service MedalNone
2010-07-31Humanitarian Service Medal6th AwardNone
2010-07-31Humanitarian Service Medal5th AwardNone
2010-07-31Humanitarian Service Medal4th AwardNone
2010-07-31Humanitarian Service Medal3rd AwardNone
2010-07-31Humanitarian Service Medal2nd AwardNone
2010-07-31Humanitarian Service Medal1st AwardNone
2010-09-04James "Krazee" Foster Lifetime Achievement MedalCitation
2010-09-18Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2010-10-02Armed Forces Service MedalNone
2010-11-23Armed Forces Service MedalNone
2010-12-15Meritorious Service MedalNone
2010-12-28Defense Distinguished Service MedalFor B/1-7Citation
2011-01-16Combat Infantry Badge 4th AwardCitation
2011-02-20Army Commendation MedalNone
2011-03-17Silver StarCitation
2011-04-22United Nations Service MedalNone
2011-06-02Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2012-08-01Army Good Conduct Medal1st Bronze KnotCitation
2012-08-22Donation Ribbon8th AwardCitation
2012-09-06Donation Ribbon9th AwardCitation
2012-11-10NCO Professional Development RibbonStaff Sergeant PromotionCitation
2012-11-18Humanitarian Service Medal7th AwardCitation
2018-10-24National Defense Service MedalCitation
2018-12-20Recoilless Rifle SharpshooterAwarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with above average scores.Citation
2018-12-20Machine Gun SharpshooterAwarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with above average scores.Citation
2019-01-05Humanitarian Service Medal8th AwardCitation
2019-02-26Donation Ribbon10th AwardCitation
2019-03-01Overseas Service RibbonCitation
2019-04-22Army Achievement MedalFor S2 Dept.Citation
2019-06-24Army Good Conduct Medal2nd Bronze KnotCitation
2019-07-27Army Superior Unit CitationCitation
2019-08-08Hell Let Loose Service RibbonCitation
2019-09-27Army Commendation MedalS1 DepartmentCitation
2019-10-08Army Achievement MedalS1 Department - Trooper of the Month - September 2019Citation
2019-10-11Humanitarian Service Medal9th AwardCitation
2019-10-12Aeroweapons MarksmanCitation
2019-11-10Armed Forces Service MedalFor S5 Dept. 10NOV18 - 10NOV19Citation
2019-11-20Humanitarian Service Medal10th AwardCitation
2019-11-21Donation Ribbon11th AwardCitation
2019-12-10Meritorious Service MedalS1 DepartmentCitation
2020-01-167th Cavalry Server Upgrade AwardCitation
2020-01-25Army Meritorious Unit CitationOperation 2ndINF Scrim 19JAN20Citation
2020-02-15Army Superior Unit CitationCitation