User:John M Miller
Rank:Chief Warrant Officer 2
Position:SPD - Technical staff

Service Record

Record Date Record Details Record Citation
2020-08-05Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 2 (W-2)Citation
2020-08-05Transferred and Assigned SPD StaffNone
2020-07-02Reinstated, Transferred and Assigned ReservesNone
2016-04-15Retired at the Command Level, with Eligibility for Re-enlistment only Upon Review from Upper CommandNone
2016-01-15Returned from ELOA, Voluntary Reduction in Rank to Sergeant (E-5), Transferred and Assigned Regimental Recruiting Department Enlistment ClerkNone
2015-11-29ELOA ExtensionNone
2015-07-19Placed on ELOANone
2015-05-09Transferred and Assigned Executive OfficerNone
2014-10-24Completed 9th Combat Mission (Operation AFOR)None
2014-05-31Transferred and Assigned Executive Officer C/1-7None
2014-01-04Promoted to Captain (O-3)Citation
2013-12-06Completed 8th Combat Mission (Operation For The People)None
2013-09-03Returned from ELOA, Transferred and Assigned Company Commander C/1-7None
2013-08-30Completed 7th Combat Mission (Operation Patience)None
2013-04-30Placed on ELOANone
2013-03-12Promoted to 1st Lieutenant (O-2)Citation
2013-02-03Graduated Basic Armor Crewman Course Class 005/02/13Citation
2012-12-14Completed 6th Combat Mission (Operation Seahorse)None
2012-08-11Received Battlefield Commission to 2nd Lieutenant (O-1), Assigned Platoon Leader 1/B/1-7Citation
2012-07-07Completed 5th Combat Mission (Operation TvT 90 Clip-Less)None
2012-06-20Promoted to Corporal (E-4)Citation
2012-06-15Graduated NCOA Warrior Leadership Course Class 05/06/12Citation
2012-04-27Completed Advanced Individual Training (Phase I), Class 017/04/12None
2012-04-11Completed 4th Combat Mission (Operation RedBullClip)None
2012-01-20Return from ELOA, Transferred and Assigned Trooper B/2/D/1-7None
2011-11-25Placed on ELOANone
2011-09-22Completed 3rd Combat Mission (Operation Evil Walks)None
2011-09-17Promoted to Specialist (E-4)Citation
2011-08-06Completed 2nd Combat Mission (Operation Banana)None
2011-07-25Graduated from ARMA2 Basic Airborne Course, Class 026/07/11Citation
2011-07-23Promoted to Private First Class (E-3)Citation
2011-06-30Completed 1st Combat Mission (Operation Ballbreaker)None
2011-06-20Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private (E2), Assigned Infantry D/2/C/1-7None
2011-06-17Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Assigned Boot Camp 024/06/2011None

Awards Earned

Award Date Award Name Award Details Award Citation
2003-03-17Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2004-08-31Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2009-08-09Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2010-09-17Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2011-06-01Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2011-06-20Army Service RibbonCitation
2011-06-30Expert Infantry BadgeCitation
2011-07-16Donation Ribbon1st AwardCitation
2011-07-25Army Parachutist BadgeCitation
2012-04-24Rifle ExpertAwarded for the Completion of One or More of The Weapons Qualification Courses with Excellent ScoresCitation
2012-04-24Grenade ExpertAwarded for the Completion of One or More of The Weapons Qualification Courses with Excellent ScoresCitation
2012-05-29Donation Ribbon2nd AwardCitation
2012-07-07Combat Infantry BadgeCitation
2012-08-14Army Good Conduct MedalCitation
2012-09-09Purple HeartOperation Clip-LessCitation
2013-12-12Army Commendation Medal with Valor DeviceOperation For the PeopleCitation
2013-12-18Army Good Conduct Medal1st Bronze KnotCitation
2014-07-07Donation Ribbon3rd AwardCitation
2014-11-01Donation Ribbon4th AwardCitation
2014-11-19Joint Service Commendation MedalOperation AFORCitation
2014-12-18Army Good Conduct Medal2nd Bronze KnotCitation
2020-10-05Army Good Conduct Medal3rd Bronze KnotCitation
2020-12-14Meritorious Service MedalSPD Technical StaffCitation