User:Leonard Eagas
Position:Trooper D/2/C/1-7
Secondaries:S7 - Arma 3 TCS Instructor

Service Record

Record Date Record Details Record Citation
2020-11-16Transferred and Assigned Airborne Infantryman 4/2/C/1-7None
2020-10-30Graduated ARMA3 Advanced Individual Training CourseNone
2020-10-24Graduated ARMA3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Commander CourseNone
2020-09-19Graduated ARMA3 Tank Commander CourseNone
2020-08-29Assigned S7 ARMA3 TCS Instructor as Additional DutyNone
2020-08-29Graduated ARMA3 Advanced Armor Crewman CourseNone
2019-12-20Completed 9th Combat Mission (Campaign December Tactical Thursdays 2019, Operation Tactical Thursday 5)None
2019-07-31Returned from ELOA, Transferred and Assigned Trooper C/2/B/1-7None
2019-07-20Placed on ELOA Due to Military DeploymentNone
2019-05-19Completed 8th Combat Mission (Campaign House of Cards, Operation Catalyst)None
2018-11-04Transferred and Assigned Cavalry Trooper C/2/B/1-7None
2018-09-30Completed 7th Combat Mission (Operation Fall Chill)None
2018-07-12Transferred and Assigned Cavalry Trooper D/2/B/1-7None
2018-04-08Transferred and Assigned Trooper A/1/D/1-7None
2018-03-16Completed 6th Combat Mission (Operation Red Paladin)None
2018-02-05Transferred and Assigned Trooper C/1/D/1-7None
2017-12-18Graduated ARMA3 Basic Armor Crewman Course, Class 051/12/17None
2017-10-28Completed 5th Combat Mission (Campaign Windy City, Operation Chicago Crossroads)None
2017-08-12Completed 4th Combat Mission (Campaign Fleeting Eagle, Operation Glass Eye)None
2017-07-23Completed 3rd Combat Mission (Operation Road Runner)None
2017-07-22Graduated ARMA3 Basic Mechanized Infantry Course, Class 030/07/17None
2017-07-03Graduated ARMA3 Basic Mechanized Crewman Course, Class 027/07/17None
2017-07-02Completed 2nd Combat Mission (Operation Clean Sweep)None
2017-06-28Graduated ARMA3 Basic Air Assault Course, Class 026/07/17Citation
2017-06-24Promoted to Specialist (E-4)Citation
2017-06-24Transferred and Assigned Combat Engineer B/1/D/1-7None
2017-06-12Graduated ARMA3 Basic Radio Communication Course, Class 024/06/17None
2017-05-13Completed 1st Combat Mission (Campaign Fleeting Eagle, Operation Vipers Tale)None
2017-04-25Promoted to Private First Class (E-3)Citation
2017-04-13Transferred and Assigned Trooper A/1/D/1-7None
2017-03-25Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private (E-2), Transferred and Assigned E/TU/HHC/1-7Citation
2017-03-13Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Assigned Boot Camp 011/03/17None

Awards Earned

Award Date Award Name Award Details Award Citation
2003-03-18Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2004-09-01Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2009-08-10Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2010-09-18Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2011-06-02Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2017-03-25Army Service RibbonCitation
2017-03-25Rifle ExpertAwarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with excellent scores.Citation
2017-03-25Grenade SharpshooterAwarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with above average scores.Citation
2017-04-11Donation Ribbon1st AwardCitation
2017-05-01Donation Ribbon2nd AwardCitation
2017-05-13Expert Infantry BadgeCitation
2017-06-02Donation Ribbon3rd AwardCitation
2017-06-28Air Assault BadgeCitation
2017-07-19Donation Ribbon4th AwardCitation
2017-10-09Donation Ribbon5th AwardCitation
2017-10-28Combat Infantry BadgeCitation
2018-03-25Army Good Conduct MedalCitation
2019-03-25Army Good Conduct Medal1st Bronze KnotCitation
2020-01-167th Cavalry Server Upgrade AwardCitation
2020-04-04Army Good Conduct Medal2nd Bronze KnotCitation
2020-09-22Master Gunner BadgeCitation
2020-10-05Army Commendation Medal2/B/1-7 Trooper of the Quarter JUL20 - SEP20Citation
2020-12-05National Defense Service MedalCitation