User:Cameron Burgundy
Rank:Lieutenant General
Position:Chief of Staff

Service Record

Record Date Record Details Record Citation
2020-06-10Completed 33rd Combat Mission (Campaign June Mobilization Monday. Operation Nasons Dream)None
2020-05-23Completed 32nd Combat Mission (Operation Bastion Strike)None
2020-05-11Completed 31st Combat Mission (Campaign Mobilization Monday May20. Operation Mobilization Monday 11 May20)None
2020-05-04Completed 30th Combat Mission (Campaign Mobilization Monday May20. Operation Mobilization Monday)None
2020-05-02Completed 29th Combat Mission (Operation Cash Crop)None
2020-04-20Completed 28th Combat Mission (Campaign Planetside Tactic Monday APR20. Operation First Blaze)None
2020-04-15Promoted to Lieutenant General (O-9)Citation
2020-03-24Relieved of Duties from the Wiki Administration Group, Per RequestNone
2020-01-18Completed 27th Combat Mission (Operation Gun Run)None
2019-11-04Received a Letter of ReprimandCitation
2019-01-18Completed 26th Combat Mission (Operation Feuer Regnen)None
2019-01-02Completed 25th Combat Mission (Campaign January WNPS, Operation First Of the Year, Week 1 Battle)None
2018-12-14Completed 24th Combat Mission (Operation Aus Dem Sumpf)None
2018-10-05Relieved of Duties from the SecOps DepartmentNone
2018-03-28Promoted to Major General (O-8)Citation
2018-03-25Relieved of Duties from the S5 Department, Per RequestNone
2018-03-24Transferred and Assigned Chief of StaffNone
2018-03-23Assigned OIC of Wiki Administration GroupNone
2018-02-03Completed 23rd Combat Mission (Operation High Ball)None
2017-02-06Relieved of duties from the S2 Department, Per Request; Assigned OIC of the SecOps Department as Additional DutyNone
2016-04-10Relieved of Duties from the Regimental Recruiting DepartmentNone
2016-03-03Relieved of Duties from JAGNone
2016-02-24Graduated ARMA3 Ranger Military Free-Fall Parachutist Course, Class 042/15Citation
2016-02-17Assigned OIC of S2 DepartmentNone
2016-02-14Promoted to Brigadier General (O-7), Assigned Adjutant GeneralNone
2015-12-13Graduated ARMA3 Ranger Class 042-15Citation
2015-02-13Assigned JAG Clerk as Additional DutyNone
2015-02-06Completed 22nd Combat Mission (Operation PFMA)None
2014-10-24Completed 21st Combat Mission (Operation AFOR)None
2014-10-18Assigned as OIC of the Regimental Recruiting DepartmentNone
2014-06-30Promoted to Colonel (O-6)Citation
2014-06-06Completed 20th Combat Mission (Operation Aegis)None
2014-05-23Completed 19th Combat Mission (Operation Final Blow)None
2013-12-23Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel (O-5)Citation
2013-08-30Completed 18th Combat Mission (Operation Patience)None
2013-08-29Transferred and Assigned Commanding Officer 1-7None
2013-08-11Transferred and Assigned Company Commander C/1-7None
2013-08-09Named Officer of the Month for July 2013Citation
2013-03-16Promoted to Major (O-4)Citation
2013-03-07Completed 17th Combat Mission (Operation Ironhand)None
2013-01-25Completed 16th Combat Mission (Operation Reciprocity)None
2013-01-18Completed 15th Combat Mission (Operation Trojan Skittles)None
2012-12-09Graduated ARMA2 Advanced Individual Training Course, Phase INone
2012-10-08Completed 14th Combat Mission (Operation Devil Dog)None
2012-08-12Promoted to Captain (O-3)Citation
2012-08-04Transferred and Assigned Company Commander B/1-7None
2012-07-07Transferred and Assigned Executive Officer B/1-7None
2012-05-31Transferred and Assigned Platoon Leader 2/D/1-7None
2012-05-18Transferred and Assigned Assistant Platoon Leader 2/D/1-7None
2012-04-14Completed 13th Combat Mission (Clan match vs 4F/LMC)None
2011-11-25Promoted to 1st Lieutenant (O-2)Citation
2011-10-11Transferred and Assigned Platoon Leader 1/E/1-7None
2011-09-24Completed 12nd Combat Mission (TCC Season 4 Week 10 vs SFSS)None
2011-08-26Completed 11st Combat Mission (TCC Season 4 Week 7 vs 82nd AB)None
2011-08-13Completed 10th Combat Mission (TCC Season 4 Week 5 vs SFSS)None
2011-08-13Graduated COD5 Sniper Recon Training, qualified for SRT Duty.Citation
2011-08-05Completed 9th Combat Mission (TCC Season 4 Week 4 vs SnR)None
2011-07-23Completed 8th Combat Mission (TCC Season 4 Week 2 vs 82nd AB)None
2011-07-01Recieved Battlefield Commission to 2nd Lieutenant (O-1), Assigned Platoon Leader 2/C/2-7Citation
2011-06-01Transferred and Assigned Section Leader B/1/C/2-7None
2011-05-08Transferred and Assigned Trooper B/1/C/2-7None
2011-04-04Promoted to Corporal (E-4)Citation
2011-03-18Completed 7th Combat Mission (TCC Season 2, Week 10 vs. SnR)None
2011-03-12Completed 6th Combat Mission (TCC Season 2, Week 9 vs. 1st SFSS)None
2011-02-26Completed 5th Combat Mission (TCC Season 2, Week 7 vs. 82nd Airborne)None
2011-02-19Completed 4th Combat Mission (TCC Season 2, Week 6 vs L/G)None
2011-02-12Completed 3rd Combat Mission (TCC Season 2, Week 5 vs. NC)None
2011-02-06Completed 2nd Combat Mission (TCC Season 2, Week 4 vs. KG)None
2011-01-21Completed 1st Combat Mission (TCC Season 2, Week 2 vs 1st/SFSS)None
2011-01-15Transferred and Assigned Section Leader B/2/C/2-7None
2011-01-11Transferred and Assigned Section Leader B/5/C/2-7None
2011-01-11Graduated NCOA Warrior Leadership Course, Class 05*12-10Citation
2011-01-10Transferred and Assigned Trooper B/5/C/2-7None
2010-12-10Transfered and Assigned Trooper B/1/C/2-7None
2010-11-19Promoted to Specialist (E-4)Citation
2010-10-22Transferred and Assigned Trooper B/2/C/2-7None
2010-09-17Promoted to Private First Class (E-3)Citation
2010-09-04Transfered and Assigned Trooper D/1/C/2-7None
2010-08-21Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private (E-2), Assigned Trooper A/2/C/2-7None
2010-08-11Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Assigned Boot Camp 032/08/2010None

Awards Earned

Award Date Award Name Award Details Award Citation
2003-03-17Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2004-08-31Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2009-08-09Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2010-08-21WWII Service RibbonCitation
2010-08-21Army Service RibbonCitation
2010-09-17Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2011-01-21Expert Infantry BadgeCitation
2011-01-23European/African/Middle Eastern Campaign MedalCitation
2011-02-26Combat Infantry BadgeCitation
2011-04-23Armed Forces Expeditionary MedalCitation
2011-05-23Recruiting Ribbon1st AwardCitation
2011-06-01Army & Air Force Presidential Unit CitationCitation
2011-08-13Sniper RibbonCitation
2011-08-13Combat Infantry Badge 2nd AwardCitation
2011-08-21Army Good Conduct MedalCitation
2011-10-09Rifle ExpertAwarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with excellent scoresCitation
2011-10-09Grenade ExpertAwarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with excellent scores.Citation
2012-01-25Outstanding Volunteer Service MedalCitation
2012-04-17Armed Forces Expeditionary MedalCitation
2012-04-24Outstanding Volunteer Service MedalCitation
2012-08-20Army Good Conduct Medal1st Bronze KnotCitation
2013-01-18Combat Infantry Badge 3rd AwardCitation
2013-04-20Joint Meritorious Unit CitationOperation IronhandCitation
2013-08-09Army Distinguished Service MedalOfficer - JULY13Citation
2013-08-20Army Good Conduct Medal2nd Bronze KnotCitation
2014-04-19Recruiting Ribbon2nd AwardCitation
2014-06-06Combat Infantry Badge 4th AwardCitation
2014-07-18Donation Ribbon1st AwardCitation
2014-08-20Army Good Conduct Medal3rd Bronze KnotCitation
2014-11-02Donation Ribbon2nd AwardCitation
2014-11-19Joint Service Commendation MedalOperation AFORCitation
2014-12-23Defense Distinguished Service MedalCitation
2015-01-18Armed Forces Service MedalFor S5 19JUL14 - 19JAN15Citation
2015-03-22Recruiting Ribbon3rd AwardCitation
2015-04-18Armed Forces Service MedalFor RRD 19OCT14 - 19APR15Citation
2015-05-29Humanitarian Service Medal1st AwardCitation
2015-07-18Armed Forces Service MedalFor S5 19JAN15 - 19JUL15Citation
2015-08-13Armed Forces Service MedalFor JAG 14FEB15 - 14AUG15Citation
2015-08-20Army Good Conduct Medal1st Silver KnotCitation
2015-10-18Armed Forces Service MedalFor RRD 19APR15 - 19OCT15Citation
2015-12-14Ranger TabCitation
2016-01-19Armed Forces Service MedalFor S5 Dept. 19JUL15 - 19JAN16Citation
2016-02-14Armed Forces Service MedalFor JAG 14AUG15 - 14FEB16Citation
2016-02-24High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) Freefall BadgeCitation
2016-07-18Armed Forces Service MedalFor S5 Dept. 19JAN16 - 19JUL16Citation
2016-08-16Armed Forces Service MedalFor S2 Dept. 17FEB16 - 17AUG16Citation
2016-08-19Army Good Conduct Medal2nd Silver KnotCitation
2016-10-22Armed Forces Service MedalFor SPD 22APR16 - 22OCT16Citation
2017-01-19Armed Forces Service MedalFor S5 Dept. 19JUL16 - 19JAN17Citation
2017-04-22Armed Forces Service MedalFor SPD 22OCT16 - 22APR17Citation
2017-07-19Armed Forces Service MedalFor S5 Dept. 19JAN17 - 19JUL17Citation
2017-08-06Armed Forces Service MedalFor SecOps Dept. 06FEB17 - 06AUG17Citation
2017-08-19Army Good Conduct Medal3rd Silver KnotCitation
2017-10-22Armed Forces Service MedalFor SPD Dept. 22APR17 - 22OCT17Citation
2018-01-19Armed Forces Service MedalFor S5 Dept. 19JUL17 - 19JAN18Citation
2018-02-06Armed Forces Service MedalFor SecOps Dept. 06AUG17 - 06FEB18Citation
2018-04-22Armed Forces Service MedalFor SPD Dept. 22OCT17 - 22APR18Citation
2018-08-19Army Good Conduct Medal1st Gold KnotCitation
2019-01-11Bronze Star with Valor DeviceCampaign January WNPS | First of the YearCitation
2019-08-19Army Good Conduct Medal2nd Gold KnotCitation
2020-01-22Army Commendation MedalOperation Gun RunCitation
2020-04-01Recruiting Ribbon4th AwardCitation
2020-08-18Army Good Conduct Medal3rd Gold KnotCitation